Proposal Submission Documents

Proposal Submission

The below link provides access to a secure space for proposal submission. Respondents will be required to include a contact name, email address, and company name. The uploaded documents will be automatically sorted by this information. Respondents may upload any number of documents but must use the exact same contact name, email address, and company name for each upload. Respondents will not be able to see or edit uploaded documents once sent. The link will automatically expire after the submittal deadline.

Links were removed after the deadline passed.

Respondents may submit up to three proposals at no cost in response to this RFP. Respondents submitting more than three responses will incur a proposal evaluation fee of $5,000 for each additional proposal submitted. Please contact S&L at for proposal fee payment instructions.

If you experience any technical issues accessing RFP documentation or submitting documents, please contact for assistance. Respondents should not contact IPL directly.

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