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3 Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About IPL's Tree Maintenance Program

Posted on 4/6/2016

Tree Education_FINAL

 Written by: Claire Dalton, Social Media Community Manager

Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) is committed to keeping Indy and surrounding communities beautiful while maintaining safe and reliable electrical service; this is achieved through a best-in-class tree pruning and removal program that promotes the maintenance of a healthy......

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3 Easy Ways to Stop Phantom Power

Posted on 3/10/2016
Phantom Power Final

Written by: Charles McKinney, Marketing Communications Strategist

Do you have phantom power haunting your home? "Phantom power" is energy wasted by appliances or electronics when plugged in but not in  use. Energy phantoms in your home can include appliances, such as microwaves, coffee makers with digital displays and televisions. According to the......

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