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A Revolutionary Approach to Energy Storage

Posted on 7/11/2016


Written by: Lin Franks, Senior Strategist RTO, FERC, and Compliance Initiatives

It is broadly known that to have reliable electricity service means having enough energy to serve the needs of customers.  It is also fairly well understood that for that electricity service to be provided to all of us requires transmission and distribution lines. However, most people are not aware of how utilities......

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A Powerful History at Eagle Valley

Posted on 4/18/2016

  EV Historic Photo

Written by: Claire Dalton, Social Media Community Manager

Friday, April 15 marked the end of an era at Eagle Valley Generating Station as operations of the plant's four coal units ended. Now, Eagle Valley is preparing for its next chapter as construction of the new Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station continues. It will be the cleanest, most efficient......

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A Balanced Approach

Posted on 2/17/2016

Written by: Claire Dalton, Social Media Community Manager

With the ever-changing landscape of power generation—not only in our state—but nationally as well, IPL is planning for a future that includes increased diversification of generation resources and cleaner, more efficient options right here in the heart of Indianapolis to better meet the needs of its customers and to comply with current......

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