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The Power of a Single Spark

Posted on 10/5/2016

 JA JobSpark

Written by: Claire Brumback, Public Affairs Intern

Eighth graders usually aren't thinking about their future careers. They're worried about an upcoming basketball game or homework they need to finish before tomorrow morning. Students can struggle connecting what they learn in the classroom to future opportunities. With that, they don't appreciate how their interests could lead to......

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When A Leader Gets Better

Posted on 9/2/2016

 Greg Fennig 
     Written by: Greg Fennig, Vice President of Public Affairs

I was privileged to be invited to attend The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in Chicago with some good friends and other community leaders in August. With representation from over 100 different countries, this summit included a leadership perspective from a Christian point of view, which was......

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Other Duties As Assigned

Posted on 8/15/2016

 Claire Brumback

Written by: Claire Brumback, Public Affairs Intern

On June 6, my first day with Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL), I painted a house. Yes, you read that correctly. I painted a house. Outside. In 90 degree heat. On my first day. I quickly learned that my leaders were not kidding with their "other duties as assigned" part of the job description. Being with the......

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