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3 Easy Ways to Stop Phantom Power

Posted on 3/10/2016
Phantom Power Final

Written by: Charles McKinney, Marketing Communications Strategist

Do you have phantom power haunting your home? "Phantom power" is energy wasted by appliances or electronics when plugged in but not in  use. Energy phantoms in your home can include appliances, such as microwaves, coffee makers with digital displays and televisions. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average home contains 40 products constantly drawing power. 

IPL provides customers with convenient and easy ways to manage energy use and save money.

What you can do to reduce phantom power:   

  1. Unplug electrical devices and appliances when not in use. By doing so, phantom power can be heavily reduced.
  2. Use a switchable power strip for devices that aren't easily unplugged. Flipping the switch powers off all of the devices and stops the phantom energy drain.
  3. Look for energy-saving ENERGY STAR® home electronics and appliances when shopping for these items.

IPL also encourages customers to start using programs that give them power to personally mange their energy efficiency. IPL customers can explore the 12 different energy-saving PowerTools programs by visiting  These programs help residential and business customers understand, manage and reduce their energy use.

Some of the IPL PowerTools available to residential customers include:  

  • Home Energy Assessment: Have a professional energy advisor conduct a free walk-through energy assessment in your home. He or she will install free energy-saving equipment and offer recommendations for improving your home efficiency.
  • Home Energy Inspector: Get a free energy efficiency kit and personalized energy-saving tips after completing an online energy use questionnaire.
  • PowerView®: Use this web-based tool to get detailed, personalized information about how to manage your energy use, including charts, graphs and tips.


Multimedia by: Tyler Przybysz, Graphic Design Administrator




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