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3 Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About IPL's Tree Maintenance Program

Posted on 4/6/2016

Tree Education_FINAL

 Written by: Claire Dalton, Social Media Community Manager

Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) is committed to keeping Indy and surrounding communities beautiful while maintaining safe and reliable electrical service; this is achieved through a best-in-class tree pruning and removal program that promotes the maintenance of a healthy urban forest while maintaining accepted public safety standards, system reliability and economy.

Here's what you need to know:

1) Trees are a major cause of electrical outages. Do you ever wonder how the power could go out on a sunny day? Improperly planted or maintained trees could have branches that interfere with IPL's power lines. IPL's Right Tree Right Place program is a helpful resource for customers who are considering planting trees.

2) If trees on your property are due for a trim, you will be notified in a number of ways:

    -HOA Communications
    -Bill Notifications
    -Newspaper Notices
    -Door Hangers
    -Home Visits 

3) During tree maintenance trimming, IPL crews WILL haul away the debris. If an emergency is the cause of tree trimming, IPL crews WILL NOT haul away the debris.  

Watch our tree maintenance video below to learn more about IPL's standard tree maintenance practices and about emergency trimming1 guidelines. 

1emergency trimming: emergency trimming refers to any tree trimming conducted in an emergency situation defined as tree-to-equipment contact, severe weather, or other public safety concerns. 


Multimedia by: Tyler Przybysz, Graphic Design Administrator


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