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Be A Safety Hero

Posted on 5/18/2016

Be a Safety Hero

Written by: Brandi Davis-Handy, Director of External Communications

As an employee of Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL), I take great pride when my friends and family members pass on messages of appreciation that concern our crews who worked throughout the night, throughout the day, in hot temperatures or below freezing temperatures to ensure their lights stayed on. Our people are focused on a very important mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity to IPL's 480,000 customers.

Brandi Davis-Handy HeadshotThere is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that when you flip the switch your lights come on. Whether you're a customer service representative, a lineman, a troubleman, an engineer or an accountant, we all stayed focused on fulfilling our promise to our customers, while also upholding our number-one value of always putting safety first.

Once a year, all employees of IPL and AES businesses across the globe step away from their normal duties to reaffirm this commitment. We focus all of our energy on our commitment to our safety culture by participating in the AES Global Day of Safety.

This year, our theme is "Be a Hero." During our 2016 Safety Day, our people are reminded that they too can be safety heroes by speaking up when they see unsafe behavior, ensuring they always use the appropriate personal protective equipment and by positively recognizing people who work safely.

My day job here at IPL is to ensure that we are communicating relevant news and other happenings to our customers. We do this in a number of ways including this blog. While I spend most of my time at my desk, safety is still vitally important to me. It's important that while I drive from location to location or even walk through the streets of downtown Indianapolis I am not distracted. It's important that I don't let everyday stressors of life distract me in the work place and cause a preventable injury to myself or a coworker. That's why, when we meet at Lucas Oil Stadium for this year's event, I will attend courses like Practical Skills for Managing Stress, Sleep Health, and Personal Defense.

I've heard leaders in our company often times say that we can't ever take safety for granted. When we recognize that all incidents are preventable and take ownership for a safe work environment, we will have a better chance of ensuring each and every one of our employees returns home at night to their families. For this reason, we must all be committed to being Safety Heroes.


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