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Local Communities Benefit from IPL's Annual Day of Service

Posted on 6/14/2016

Day in the Parks Hero Image

Written by: Katie Bunton, Community Relations Administrator 

May 11 marked our 6th annual IPL Day in the Parks in Indianapolis, and it was our most successful one yet! We had a record number of 434 participants who spent their day working in five Indianapolis parks on the eastside: Ellenberger, Washington, Virginia Lee O’Brien, Windsor Village and Greene. This year, our people were able to accomplish many projects.

 Day in the Parks Infographic

Today, we are at Jimmy Nash City Park for the 4th annual IPL Day in the Parks in Martinsville. We will spend our day building new steps that go up the park hill, and giving the shelter houses a fresh coat of paint. This is in conjunction with the Martinsville 4th of July fireworks display that has taken place at Jimmy Nash City Park for more than 40 years, where thousands of people gather for the celebration. IPL is proud to be the primary sponsor of the fireworks this year for the city, since Martinsville has been a gracious longtime neighbor of our IPL Eagle Valley power plant. I grew up in Martinsville, and am honored to call it my hometown. In past years through IPL Day in the Parks, we have mulched the playground where I attended elementary school, painted the shelter house where I had my ninth birthday party and trimmed back the trail that my family and I walked along when I was younger to feed the ducks.

Jimmy Nash City Park and the Martinsville community makes me reminiscent of all things “home.” Hundreds of our employees come out for IPL Day in the Parks each year for the same type of nostalgic feelings. And of the more than 20 parks we have revitalized in both Indianapolis and Martinsville, each one has been a neighborhood where some of our employees grew up. Many of them raised their children here, and some take their grandchildren to the same local parks today. Having the ability to improve a park where so many memories have been made creates a sense of pride within our people. Our employees live, work and play in the same neighborhoods as our customers, so any chance to improve the city where we all call home is a dual win for everyone.

Each year after IPL Day in the Parks, 100 percent of our volunteers say that this day is a worthwhile investment in the communities that we serve. 

We have outstanding volunteers who contribute over 24,000 volunteer hours, serve on over 200 boards and committees, and participate in over 60 company coordinated events each year. IPL Day in the Parks is certainly our most popular of those events, and it’s no question why. We are always ready to revitalize local parks so that they can continue to create memories and stories for families and generations in the future, just like they have done for each and every one of us. 

Multimedia by: Tyler Przybysz, Graphic Design Administrator

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