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Autumn in Indiana: Trees & Reliability

Posted on 10/25/2016

 Autumn Tree Maintenance

Written by: Claire Dalton, PR Manager

Cue beautiful bright foliage, the crisp air, taking your kids to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard and there you have it: Autumn in Indiana. Just as quickly as the leaves turn to bold colors, tree branches become bare exposing potential health issues for trees right in your own yard. Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) wants to equip homeowners with the ability to identify tree health, the important role tree maintenance plays during severe weather, and tree species that interfere with IPL power lines the most, because all affect safe and reliable power to our 480,000 customers.

Tree health plays a very important role in reliable service when severe weather hits. When the ground is dry from a drought and then oversaturated from an abundance of rainfall, trees in your yard are negatively impacted from the polarizing change in weather. Recently, IPL has seen an increase in tree-related outages caused by "whole tree events" due to the heavy rain and high winds we've experienced this past summer. It's important for homeowners to understand whole tree events are not preventable by IPL's routine tree maintenance program. Rather, maintaining tree health is the responsibility of the homeowner and the best way to prevent whole tree events during severe weather.

According to Dan Perry, Team Leader of IPL's Line Clearing Department, autumn is a great time to not only evaluate the health of your trees but to trim them as well, because there are lower risks of diseases and insects. Resources are available to help you determine the best course of action to take care of your trees, like certified arborists in your area. Dan encourages homeowners to reach out to arborists, as they have proper training and education to assess trees, determine hazards and make suggestions on how to care for your trees.

In the short video below, Dan shares three helpful tips of maintaining trees this fall to prevent electrical power outages year round:

If you're assessing your yard and have tree pruning questions, please contact IPL's Line Clearing Department at 317.261.8128. You can also visit for more information on IPL's Tree Maintenance Program.

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