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IPL partners with Boy Scouts of Central Indiana

Posted on 12/13/2016

 Boy Scouts of Central Indiana

Written by: Claire Brumback, Public Affairs Intern

During the Governor's Lunch for Scouting on December 12, 2016, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) announced its new partnership with the Boy Scouts of Central Indiana. The new partnership includes IPL sponsoring two new badges: one for sustainability and one for energy. IPL will also participate in the Exploring Program, which allows Scouts ages 14-21 to explore different career opportunities in fields such as arts and humanities, engineering, science and skilled trades.

In order to earn the Energy Merit Badge, the Scout has to research energy conservation and then demonstrate knowledge of how common products use and convert energy while also making a system that converts energy in two different ways. He also has to conduct a 14-day energy audit of the home, including information such as what kind of energy is used, how it is delivered and how his family can conserve more energy.

For the Sustainability Merit Badge, the scout has to create a plan for his family to conserve resources, including food, energy and water. He also has to keep a log of "stuff" that his family buys, classifying each item as a need or a want while also getting rid of items the family no longer uses. The last requirement is to learn about career opportunities in the growing field of sustainability and why it might be interesting. 

Scouts who receive the patches will receive an IPL lantern and congratulatory letter from IPL President and CEO Rafael Sanchez for their achievements.

Crossroads of America and Boy Scouts of America help pave ways toward a more conscientious, responsible and productive society. They do this through programs that meet the six essential needs of the young people: mentoring, lifelong learning, faith traditions, serving others, healthy living and building character.

IPL is committed to giving back to the community through education, and we're proud that Scouts share our interest in innovative energy technology, and the requirements of both Merit Badges underscore the importance of safety around electricity and environmental impacts.

Teaching children about sustainability and energy, along with giving them hands-on experience through the Exploring Program, will get them excited about the field and prepare them for a possible career in the utility, environmental or energy business.

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