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Understanding your winter energy usage

Posted on 2/7/2017

 High Winter Bills

Written by: Claire Dalton, PR Manager

Buckle up, because we're in for a wild ride with the weather this week in Indianapolis. Forecasts are predicting we might get all four seasons in just a matter of a few days. With all the changes, it's important to understand how weather affects your energy usage at home. It's possible you could see a higher electric bill this winter, especially with the polarizing weather we've had so far. For example, some customers may notice a significant increase in energy use since December since the average low was around 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It's important for customers to understand how their day-to-day behaviors can influence energy consumption and therefor their bill amounts.

From having your kids home during winter school break (think more laundry, lights on, gaming use, TV streaming, and in out and out traffic) to decorating the home for the holidays (and possibly forgetting to take down your holiday lights!) and entertaining guests, all of these behaviors can affect how much energy your household uses. 

Check out our infographic below to learn more about energy consumption in winter months:

 High Bills Infographic

If you have any questions about your bill, reach out to IPL Customer Service for support by calling 317.261.8222.

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