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National Volunteer Month: Meet Tiffany

Posted on 4/17/2017


Written by: Claire Brumback, Public Affairs Intern

It's a new week, which means we have more Indianapolis Power & Light Company  (IPL) employees to spotlight for National Volunteer Month! Meet Tiffany Chandler, one of our favorite pirates (aaargh!). When she's not at her day job, you can find her dressing up for the Haunted House at the Children's Museum as well as volunteering for other internal events through IPL's Employee Action Council (EAC). Check out her volunteer profile below:

Job Title: Internal Auditor, AES United States

Years at IPL: 2.5

Organization you volunteer for: EAC

How did you get involved with this organization? "Volunteering in general for me has been a great way to meet people, and at the same time you feel great about yourself for helping someone whether it be in the community or the company."

How long have you been a volunteer? "Since I started working at IPL, so two and a half years."

How often do you volunteer? "For the EAC, I volunteer at least once a month. With other IPL events, it's really just whenever they send out a request for volunteers."

What's your favorite volunteer experience? "I love doing the Haunted House at the Children's Museum every year. The children absolutely love it, and I get to dress up, too. It's a lot of fun."

What makes a good volunteer? "I think you genuinely have to want to be there. You have to go with an open mind and be willing to learn."

Why do you continue to volunteer? "I feel fortunate enough to be able to help, and you don't really have to go out of your way by volunteering during work hours or on a Saturday. When you volunteer for company events, it looks good on you, and people in the company notice it. But I've always liked to help. If anyone needs help, I'm always willing."


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