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Custom Incentives

IPL also offers Custom Incentives designed for energy efficiency projects and technologies not included under the Prescriptive Rebates Program. Businesses can earn up to $100,00 in cash-back incentives per project and enjoy long-term-energy savings for years to come.  Projects can include:

  • Lighting projects that include a redesign (i.e. not one-for-one replacement)
  • Air rotation units
  • Energy management systems
  • Data center upgrades

To apply, download and complete the pre-application. Or, you may complete the application process online. Once your project is approved and completed, you will need to download and complete the final custom application to receive your incentive. 

The Custom project pre-application requires you to submit supporting documentation. The following technology-specific calculators can step you through the process of determining your Custom project’s energy savings:

For more information on Custom Incentives call 1.888.982.7071.