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Business Energy Incentives

IPL offers cash rebates and incentives to make incorporating energy efficiency upgrades into your business an easy decision.  Whether you want to replace aging inefficient  equipment or have a new construction project on the drawing board, our programs can reduce the initial cost of higher efficiency products.  The end result:  lower energy usage and savings on your bill!

Find rebates for the installation of specific equipment offered through the Prescriptive Rebate program.

Have a unique project  that  doesn’t fit the Prescriptive Rebate program? Consider exploring a Custom Incentive. Submit your project for pre-approval as early in the planning stages as possible.  Applications and worksheets are here.

Not sure which programs is for you?  Check out these common projects to get started.

Need help finding a contractor?  Here is a list of IPL’s Trade Allies.

For more information about IPL’s Business Energy Incentive program, contact an outreach specialist or call 1.888.982.7071.

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