Coming soon for homes and for Small and Medium Businesses: We will be offering you improved Energy Reports and updates to PowerView with a new look, additional insights, and updated energy savings opportunities. The changes will continue to provide comparisons to your previous energy use and deliver personalized, actionable tips on how to save money and energy. Keep an eye out for your first new report. Keep an eye out for your first new report and the new and improved PowerView portal. Meanwhile, this is what other households are doing to save money and energy at home this winter

If you are a Large Commercial and Industrial Customer, you continue to have access to PowerView 2.0 for same-day usage data and the ability to compare it to historical usage.

Check out all the ways that IPL can help you manage your energy costs. For current rebates, incentives and additional questions, visit

For more information about your report, please review the Home Energy Report FAQs below.


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What is a Home Energy Report?

We’re updating our home energy reports to provide additional perspective on your electricity usage and to let you know about the numerous opportunities for improving your home’s efficiency and comfort, while lowering your energy bill. The report compares your home’s energy use to similar homes within your Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) service area and allows you to track your usage over time.

Has the PowerView portal been turned off?

As of January 1, 2021, PowerView is not available to customers while it undergoes updates. Please check back in the coming months for our new and improved portal.

Why is my utility trying to help me save energy?

When customers reduce their energy consumption, it actually helps control costs for all IPL households by making energy cheaper to produce and reduces the need to build additional power plants. Saving energy makes business sense and common sense.

How often will I receive the report?

You will receive up to six printed reports and up to twelve reports delivered via e-mail throughout the year. The
report will be sent at times that coincide with seasonal electric usage increases, allowing you to maximize
energy-saving opportunities.

How do my most efficient neighbors manage to use so much less energy than me?

They are likely taking a variety of savings actions like adjusting or programming their thermostats to manage heating and cooling costs; turning off lights and home electronics when not in use; running only full laundry and dishwasher loads; and installing more efficient heating/air-conditioning systems, water heaters or appliances. Find more personalized ways to save at

Where can I shop for smart thermostats?

To shop for smart thermostats and other energy efficient products for your home, visit the IPL Marketplace at

What if I have more questions, want to correct my home data or want to stop receiving this report?

For questions, data corrections or requests call 833.706.0965 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).