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Energy Assistance Program

The winter Energy Assistance Program (EAP) is a government program that runs from November through May. You must meet income guidelines to qualify. The Summer Cool program runs from June through August if funds are available.

How it Works
  • Electric service is protected from disconnection December 1 through March 15
  • One-time payment toward your winter electricity bill
  • One-time payment toward your summer electricity bill (pending availability of funds)

The federally funded Energy Assistance Program (EAP) will again be available this year to assist lower-income customers with their winter heating bills.

Who Qualifies

Eligibility is based upon household income.

Size of HouseholdLast 3 Months Household
Income Must NOT EXCEED
How to Start

Get started by scheduling an appointment with your local EAP provider:

  • Marion County Residents: Schedule an appointment by calling Connect2Help at 317.926.HELP (4357) on or after October 22, 2019 or visit to apply for assistance or schedule an appointment online.
  • Customers Outside Marion County: Find your local EAP provider
Prepare For Your Appointment

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  1. Proof of income for 3 months prior to date of application for ALL household members age 18 and older
  2. Social security cards for ALL household members. Original cards only, no photo copies
  3. Most recent heating and electric bills
  4. If at least one utility is included in your rent, you must bring your current lease
  5. Picture ID

Winter Assistance Fund

The Winter Assistance Fund runs from January 13, 2020 to April 30, 2020 for Marion County residents. You must meet income guidelines to qualify. The Winter Assistance Fund helps those who cannot afford heat and electricity, but do not qualify for the government's Energy Assistance Program.

Who Qualifies

Eligibility is based upon household income:

Size of HouseholdLast 3 Month Income Must Be OVERLast 3 Month Income Must NOT EXCEED
How to Start

Call Marion County Connect2Help at 317.926.HELP (4357) to find the closest application site. View the list of Winter Assistance Fund sites

Prepare for Your Appointment

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Proof of income for three (3) months prior to date of application
  • Most recent heating and electric bills
  • Government-issued photo ID
What if I need assistance now?

For possible assistance, call the Community Center in your neighborhood, your Township Trustee office, or Connect2Help at 317.926. HELP (4357). View the list of Community Centers and Township Trustees

Power of Change

Power of ChangeHow it Works
  • IPL's emergency relief fund is available thanks to donations from Indianapolis Power & Light Company and our customers. The program was created by IPL with input from community groups and stakeholders to offer a hand up during a time of need.
  • One-time assistance is available for income-qualified customers who have an outstanding balance of at least $50 and have received a disconnection notice.
  • Grant recipients must apply for LIHEAP assistance.
Who Qualifies
  • Residential customers who qualify for participation in income-eligible programs. Either:
    • LIHEAP participant
    • LIHEAP eligible
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    • Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)
    • Medicaid
  • Customers must currently be living in the home with a single metered electric service. Utility costs may not be shared. 
  • The adult customer of record or their spouse may apply.
  • Customers must show a sincere effort of payment, characterized by having paid at least $60 toward their IPL bill in the last 90 days. LIHEAP assistance and pledges made on the applicant's behalf or other grants may be counted toward the sincere effort of payment.
How to Apply

IPL has partnered with Dollar Energy Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit to administer program funds. Dollar Energy Fund works with local partner agencies to accept grant applications.

  • Locate an agency near you. Call or visit to complete an application. The partner agency will walk you through the application process.
  • Upon approval, the assistance pledge will be posted to your IPL account.
  • Customers can apply for grants anytime throughout the year, while funding is available.