TTD/TTY Phone Service

If you are deaf or have a hearing and/or speech impairment, you can access IPL through Relay Indiana at 1.800.743.3333.

Visually Impaired Service

IPL can supply a Braille bill or a large-print bill for your convenience. Call 317.261.8222 for this service.

Third Party Notification

Need a little help remembering to pay your bill? You can designate a family member, member of the clergy, a friend or social agency to receive copies of disconnect notices. This person will not be obligated to pay the bill, only to remind or help you arrange for payment by the "Disconnect Notice Due Date" (normally within 14 days), if possible. For more information about this service call 317.261.8222.


Contact Customer Services at 317.261.8222 or send an e-mail message to