EVS with wraps on circleIn preparation for an anticipated increase in electric vehicle (EV) ownership, IPL is the first Indiana utility to offer special EV rates (EVX and EVP), including time-of-use-based options for home or fleet charging, and a flat fee for public charging sessions.

IPL has been testing the rate structure established for customer premises by encouraging EV charging at times other than during peak electric use. Through the test, IPL will be able to assess customer response to time-varying rates and analyze how EV charging will impact the electric system. For more information, read the findings from our Electric Vehicle Pilot Program.

IPL is in the process of upgrading our public electric vehicle charging stations. Please visit our Charging Station Location page for updates.

For more information and certain restrictions regarding rates, visit:

  • EVX (charging at home)
  • EVP (charging with public chargers)

For questions and information on how to be a part of the new rate structure, contact IPL at electric.vehicle@aes.com

The EV program is part of IPL’s Smart Energy Project, funded in part by a $20 million US DOE Smart Grid Investment Grant. The EV part of the project is receiving additional DOE funds through the State of Indiana to foster the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Indiana. IPL is collaborating with ESN partners in an effort known as “Project Plug-IN.”

In addition to local economic development benefits, IPL estimates EVs will reduce green house gas emissions by over a ton per vehicle year when fueled by electricity from its mix of renewable and fossil fuel generation instead of petroleum fuel.

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