Due to the time needed to replace these stations, IPL’s public charging infrastructure will be out of service beginning October 2017. IPL is working to ensure new stations will be reopened as soon as possible and will continue updating this page as more information is available.

Due to the transition to the new payment processing vendor, all existing public vehicle charging accounts will be closed. Accordingly, any prepaid credits will be refunded to customers and key fobs used in the past will no longer work. Customer refunds will be applied directly to the credit card that was used to purchase the credits. If the credit card is no longer valid, please reach out to electric.vehicle@aes.com to arrange for an alternative method to obtain the refund.

Upgrading Charging Stations

As part of the proposed upgrades to the current charging network, IPL will be replacing the stations at the following locations:

  • Denison Merchants Garage, 31 S. Meridian St. (4 charging stations)
  • Indiana State Parking Garage, 401 W. Maryland St. (4 charging stations)
  • Georgia Street Boardwalk, 201 McCrea St. (2 charging stations)
  • CityWay, 301 S. Delaware St. (2 charging stations)

Decommissioning Charging Stations

In its review process, IPL has determined that the following stations will be decommissioned. We will continue to evaluate sites for future electric vehicle deployment opportunities.

  • Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center, 6701 Hoover Rd. (2 charging stations)
  • Garfield Park Library Branch, 2502 Shelby St. (2 charging stations)
  • Denison Enterprise Garage, 109 S. Capitol Ave. (2 charging stations)

What happens next?

Once the new stations have been activated, customers can sign up at charge.greenlots.com, download the Greenlots mobile app available for free on iTunes and Google Play or call 855.900.7585 for assistance.

If you have any additional questions about your credits or the upgrades to the public charging stations, please contact us at electric.vehicle@aes.com or call 317.261.5178.

As a valued IPL customer, we look forward to continuing to provide you with reliable power, an array of helpful customer programs and outstanding customer service.

EV Charging Station Finder from energy.gov