How it Works

Green power is electricity produced from renewable resources – like the sun, wind, water and more – that do not pollute our environment.

IPL’s Green Power option allows you to specify part or all of your monthly electricity use to be generated by an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

  • Pay a small premium in addition to IPL’s standard, regulated rate.
  • This premium will be used by IPL to purchase renewable energy credits equal to the amount of usage you selected.
  • Choose to offset 100%, 50% or 25% of your home energy usage. Business customers also have the option to enroll at the 10% level.

How much does it cost?

  • The current Green Power premium is $0.001 per kWh enrolled and represents renewable energy credits purchased from Midwestern wind farms.
  • A typical residential customer using 1,000 kWh per month enrolled at the 100% level would pay an additional $1.00 on their IPL electric bill.
  • Use our cost estimator to see your custom premium.

Green Power Benefits

  • Advances the development of renewable, environmentally-friendly energy sources
  • Diversifies energy supply and lessens demand for fossil fuel generation
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere