All IPL customers who install, own and operate their own generating system have the opportunity to reduce their electric bills by generating power with a small-scale solar, wind or hydroelectric energy system. Customers with systems up to 1 MW in size may qualify for IPL's Net Metering rate, which is approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

An increasing number of customers are choosing to purchase and install their own small-scale electric generating systems to benefit the environment and their electric bill. 

Drawing on these other power sources reduces the amount of power used from IPL. Systems that produce more electricity than they use may be a candidate for net metering, wherein IPL will credit your next bill for the net amount of electricity you produced in excess of what you used.

Important facts for IPL customers to know:  Customers interested in learning more about net metering and small-scale solar options may contact IPL at 317.261.8222. In addition, please note the following: 

IPL does not sell energy systems door-to-door

IPL employees do not sell solar installations door to door. IPL employees may visit your home to perform maintenance, turn a meter on or off or perform home energy audits; however, those visits are preceded by a phone call, door hanger or other communication. IPL employees will arrive in a company vehicle clearly marked with an IPL logo. If someone claims to work for the company, ask to see their employee badge. If you are uncomfortable, do not let the person in your home. Call IPL to confirm the person is a legitimate company representative there to perform expected work. 

IPL does not contract with solar companies to sell energy systems

IPL does not hire, contract, endorse or partner with any specific solar companies. Although IPL works with customers to connect solar installations to the grid, we are not involved with their sale or installation. Additionally, IPL is not liable for or bound to any contract or agreement between you and a solar company. If you are concerned about a company or representative claiming to work with IPL, call us directly to speak with a legitimate IPL representative. 

To become a participant in the Net Metering program you will need to complete an Application for Interconnection and an Interconnection Agreement. These forms are available at:

Please direct any additional questions you have to Shelby Leisz at 317.829.6985 or email her at