IPL is installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure ("AMI") smart meters as part of its recently approved revAMP program, which is an initiative to improve reliability, infrastructure and customer experience by investing in the electric grid. AMI smart meters allow IPL to remotely access electric energy usage and provide greater clarity on consumption behavior to both the customer and the company. 

Discover SmartMeter™ benefits 

By connecting with renewable energy resources, SmartMeter™ helps better manage all sources of power. The Smart Grid uses energy from solar and wind resources the same way it uses energy from traditional power plants.

With SmartMeter™-enabled tools, you can understand exactly how you use energy to help reduce and control your monthly bill. SmartMeter™ and Meter-Connector, the next-generation SmartMeter™ device, provide the following benefits:

  • More reliable service: SmartMeter™ and Meter-Connector provide communication between IPL and the electric grid. This two-way communication allows us to quickly identify outages and resolve other service problems, typically without visiting your home or business.
  • Detailed history of energy use and costs: You can get an online, detailed history of your energy use and costs, up to the previous day. View your hourly electric and daily gas and electric consumption, and then compare your energy use to last week or even last year. You can use this valuable information to make smart energy choices.
  • Energy-use alerts: SmartMeter™ technology enables us to send you Energy Alerts. These messages notify you when your electric use becomes more costly. Use this information to help manage your energy use and reduce costs.
  • Additional pricing plan options for better control of your energy costs

What's the difference between an AMI smart meter and a non-communicating digital meter?


 SmartMeter™Non-communicating digital meter
Energy alertsYesNo
View your daily energy alertsYesNo
Outage detectionYesNo
Setup chargeFree$48*
Monthly chargeFree$20 per meter

IPL customers have options: 

  • Technicians can install a non-communicating digital meter with all communications systems disabled. Customers who already have an AMI smart meter installed at their service location can also choose to opt out of the program beginning in January 2021.
  • *Opt-Out Upfront Fee / Setup charge: Customers can opt out with no initial installation charges for the first 20 days after this notification. Thereafter, an initial $48 opt-out installation fee applies.
  • Opt-Out Monthly meter reading charge: Customers who opt out will see an additional $20 monthly charge. Those who elect to self-read their meter will have no additional charge.

Want to opt out of your AMI smart meter?

Download the Opt-Out Application. You must complete the application and submit to IPL via USPS or email. You must submit your application within 20 days of the bill's postmarked date to qualify for the waived $48 installation fee.
Submit your completed application vis USPS to: 

Indianapolis Power & Light Company AMI Opt Out Program
2102 N. Illinois St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202 

Or submit your completed application via email to: