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IPL Supplier Information Form

(IPL is an AES company)

Basic company information
Please provide the following basic information about your organization.

Company name:   
Contact person:    
Contact phone with area code:   
Contact e-mail address:    
Company address:   
ZIP code: 

Area of service Please indicate which area of IPL/AES your company wishes to serve.  Check all that apply:


Capabilities Description
Please provide a brief 500 characters or less) description of the capabilities that your organization can provide.


Business Classification 
Please select the one classification that best describes your business.


Small Business Sub-Classification
If you selected "Small Business" above, please select the sub-classification that best describes your business.

 Company Documentation 
Please indicated documents you can provide or programs that apply to your organization.  Check all that apply


Previous Supplier
Please indicate whether or not your organization has previously done business with IPL or AES.