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IPL Day in the Parks 

IPL employees provide people power to enhance parks 

DITP2016_tree plantingFor the sixth year in a row, IPL provided a different kind of power to help out local parks: people power. On May 11, 2016, IPL employees helped revitalize Ellenberger, Washington, Virginia Lee O'Brien, Green and Windsor Village  parks in Indianapolis. Among the many tasks accomplished throughout the day were these:

  • Planted 57 trees correctly and repainted the building mural at Ellenberger Park
  • Mulched five large playgrounds (250 yards of playground mulch)
  • Pulled out a large amount of fence in Washington Park (supplementing the fence removal done in 2014), which resulted in recycling 4,640 pounds of metal (2.1 tons)
  • Painted benches, picnic tables, parking lot lines, basketball courts and shelter houses at four parks (used 29 gallons of paint)
  • Trimmed back the trail at Windsor Village Park
  • Reset benches/signage all across the parks with new concrete
  • Built new benches to be installed at a later time.
  • Removed 2.5 acres (over 100,000 square feet) of honeysuckle and invasive plants in Ellenberger Park
  • Removed 80 yards of chipped invasive material (almost three 30-yard dumpsters full)
  • Rebuilt a Ryan White memorial at Greene Park

On June 15, volunteers will complete similar tasks at a city park in Martinsville, where IPL has a power plant.

More than 400 people participated in the community service projects. Why do they do it? “Being a member of the community, we all have an obligation to help make Indianapolis an exemplary city. It’s just the right thing to do,” said Mark Low, a millwright at Harding Street Station who has served each year as a team captain for IPL Day in the Parks.

IPL Day in the Parks is held in conjunction with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the Indianapolis Parks Foundation.