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Power Generation


Looking to the Future

As IPL prepares to power the future, we continue to pursue a balanced generation portfolio. The chart below summarizes our current and forecasted resource mix.

 IPL generation mix projected through 2036-2

IPL Resource Mix

In 2016, IPL had a resource mix of 3,280 megawatts (MW) either through ownership or long-term contracts. In 2018, this figure is projected to increase to 3,951 MW as the Eagle Valley Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) goes into service.

IPL Owned Generation

IPL owns and operates four power stations with a total generating capacity of 2,884 MW; this figure will increase to 3,555 MW when the Eagle Valley CCGT goes into service. The four stations owned by IPL include:

  • Petersburg Generating Station, located in Pike County, Indiana, with a production capacity of 1,720 MW of power.
  • Harding Street Station, located on Indianapolis southwest side, with a production capacity of 1,006 MW of power.
  • Georgetown combustion turbines, located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, with a production capacity of 158 MW of power.
  • Eagle Valley CCGT, located in Martinsville, with a production capacity of 671 MW of power when it begins operation.

IPL Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

In addition to four power stations it owns, IPL purchases wind and solar through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) whereby IPL purchases all of the output of the wind or solar farm. This includes 300 MW of wind and 96 MW of solar. 

Demand Side Management (DSM)/Demand Response (DR)

In addition to the resources mentioned above, IPL offers Demand Side Management (DSM), including both Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR) programs to help IPL residential and business customers lower their energy usage and costs. Energy Efficiency programs help customers save energy either through encouraging behavior changes or the installation of energy efficiency measures.

Energy Resources and Storage

Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT)

CCGT combines a natural gas-fired turbine and a steam turbine to produce electricity more efficiently and with fewer environmental emissions than other thermal energy options available in Indiana today.  MORE INFO  

Energy Storage 

The IPL Advancion® Energy Storage Array (IPL Array) is the first grid-scale battery-based energy storage system (BESS) in the 15-state footprint of the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO). This 20M MW/20 MWh system improves reliability in a city that is one of the most innovative in the United States for implementing energy technology.  MORE INFO

In the future, IPL envisions additional energy storage devices, which will be used for other purposes including wind resources for grid stability as well as free-standing energy storage for peak-demand generation.

Utility Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS)

IPL has invested in new and upgraded environmental controls at its Petersburg Generating Station and converted all of the units at its Harding Street Station to natural gas to comply with new Utility Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  MORE INFO   

Harding Street Station

IPL stopped burning coal at the Harding Street facility in February 2016 and refueled the units to natural gas. These conversions are part of IPL's overall MATS and waste-water compliance plan for its power plants and will eliminate the need for a coal pile and ash ponds.  MORE INFO