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Wind Farms



 wind turbines in summer

Wind turbines stand tall among the corn at the Hoosier Wind Project
in Benton County.  The wind farm began producing power in late
October 2009

IPL purchases more than 300 MW of power from two large wind farms. The 106 MW Hoosier Wind Park in Benton County, IN, began supplying power in 2009 under a 20-year power purchase agreement with EDF Renewable Energy, which operates the farm. IPL also began purchasing power from EDF’s Lakefield Wind Park in 2011 under a separate 20-year agreement. The 200.5 MW Lakefield Wind Park is located near Lakefield, MN.


Together, the projects generate enough energy to power over 95,000 average homes.


Resources based on maximum rated capacity for thermal units. Includes long-term purchase requirements and agreements for wind and solar at nameplate capacity. For every megawatt hour (MWh) of wind and solar produced, IPL receives a Renewable Energy Credit (REC). IPL markets these RECs to other parties including REC brokers and other utilities. The revenue received from the sale of RECs is credited to our retail customers.