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When the lights go out, IPL has two objectives: get the power back on as soon as possible and keep everyone safe in the process.

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Streetlight Problems

To report a streetlight or security light that is out, on all the time, or cycling on and off, please complete our online form or call us. Most repairs can be completed within 10 business days.

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Outage Alerts

Stay informed about power outages in your area. IPL offers notifications by email, text and automated phone calls.

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Power Outage FAQs

What if I can’t get through to IPL to report my outage?

During a widespread outage, continue to call until you reach the voice response system and answer the questions fully. Inform IPL if you have electrical medical equipment and have a back-up plan in case of an extended outage.

Why do my neighbors across the street continue to have power when my power is out?

Often different sides of the street are supplied power from separate connections off the mainline circuit. If a problem occurs with one of those connections those customers may lose power but people on another connection may still have power.

Why did an IPL truck drive by and not stop to restore my power?

It is likely that the cause of your outage has been identified and the crew has been directed to proceed to the cause location to make repairs. If the IPL crew finds that this location is not the primary or only cause of your outage, they will work their way back through the circuit to identify additional repair needs. Also, restoring power outages caused by storms starts with an assessment phase. During this phase, IPL assigns specialists to travel around the city to find the causes behind outages. These findings are then reported though our Outage Management System so that crews, equipment and supplies can be dispatched correctly the first time to restore power as quickly as possible.

Does IPL haul away tree limbs during storm restoration?

During storm restoration, IPL crews have two objectives: to correct unsafe conditions and to restore your electricity as quickly as possible. As they work to repair damage, crews may need to clear branches and trees to maintain safe operating conditions and to restore service. Because of the urgent nature of this work, crews will not clean up debris caused by storms and other outages. Removal of the debris is the responsibility of the property owner. The Department of Public Works will pick up limbs that are wrapped in 3-foot bundles on your regular heavy trash pick-up day.

If I have damage to my outside electrical equipment, who repairs it?

Customers are responsible for repairs to the home's weatherhead, conduit, meter base and service line anchors. These repairs require the services of a licensed electrician. IPL is responsible for repairs to the electric meter and the service line that runs from the pole to your house. If the overhead electric service line to your home appears damaged or broken, call IPL at 317.261.8111 immediately.

If the weatherhead, conduit, meter base or service line anchors are damaged, call a licensed electrician. Above all, don't touch any of the equipment or limbs touching the equipment, or try to make the repairs yourself.

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