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Budget Billing

When you know what to expect, it's easier to plan your budget.

From month to month, your energy use changes and so does your energy bill. Both may go up or down with changes in the weather and the way you use appliances, lights and other devices in your home.

Balance out the highs and lows

You can have a more predictable energy bill by enrolling in IPL’s Budget Billing program. It automatically evens out the monthly highs and lows so your energy bills are more consistent. Residential customers who are current on their bill are eligible to enroll in Budget Billing. Once you enroll, your Budget Billing plan will begin with your next monthly billing statement

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Here's how it works

budget billing comparison

With Budget Billing, the starting point is the average amount for your last 12 IPL bills. You’ll be billed the same amount for the first three months, even if your energy use varies. Your payment amount may be adjusted once every three months, as your actual energy use is factored into your rolling 12-month average.

On every monthly bill, you’ll see how much energy you actually used and the cost, which may be more or less than the amount you pay that month under the Budget Billing plan. We’ll “settle up” with a credit or balance due in month 12, but seasonal adjustments throughout the year help avoid surprises.

The total amount you owe for 12 months of energy use will be the same, whether or not you choose this option. Budget Billing simply spreads out your payments more evenly. This can help you better manage your energy budget.