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Payment & Billing FAQs

My service has been disconnected for non-payment, can you offer a scheduled time for reconnection?
When services have been disconnected for non-payment, we make every attempt to restore power the same day as the payment is made as long as we have clear and safe access to the meter. Weather conditions or workload, can cause delays and circumstances that could prevent us from reconnecting service until the next business day.

Why can't the IPL representative that arrives at my home to disconnect my service take my payment?
IPL strives to provide a safe work environment for all of our employees.  Carrying large amounts of money poses a threat to our employee's safety.  We offer many ways to pay your bill online, by phone and through conveniently located authorized pay agents.

How can I get my deposit back?
You can receive your deposit applied back to your IPL account by meeting the following criteria:

  • Residential accounts: Make full and on-time payments for nine consecutive months or 10 non-consecutive months in a 12 month period.
  • Non-residential accounts: Make full and on-time payments for 24 consecutive months or 30 non-consecutive months in a 36 month period.

If I have an outstanding balance from another IPL account, do I have to pay in full before being granted service at a new address?
Yes. You must pay any charges owed from a previous electric account in full, but we will take into consideration financial hardships and offer payment arrangements, if needed.

Can I have more than one electric service with IPL at any given time?
Yes, you may have electric service at numerous service locations within IPL’s service territory.  You may also request a summary bill where all services can be billed to one IPL account.

Am I required to pay a deposit in advance of new service with IPL?
IPL will evaluate your credit history. In most cases, IPL does not require a deposit paid in advance to receive new service.  If you are required to pay a deposit, the amount can usually be paid over a few months.

Once I have been granted Energy Assistance, doesn't that mean you are unable to turn my service off?
From December 1 through March 15, qualified Energy Assistance recipients are protected from disconnection.  However, you will receive your normal bill each month and you are expected to pay the full amount or make payment arrangements with IPL on or before March 15 to avoid disconnection.

I currently have no power and my bill is due.  Does that mean my service has been disconnected for non-payment?
If your service was disconnected for non-payment, you will receive a notice at your location with information on how to have your electric service reconnected. If you’ve not received a notice, your next step is to check your breakers. Turn your breaker off and on. If you still do not have power, you may be included in a power outage due to weather, a vehicle accident or a periodic outage. Outages can be reported online or by calling IPL at 261.8111. 

I have gas heat, so why is my electric bill increasing?
Your furnace blower still circulates the heat generated by your gas furnace. In colder temperatures, your furnace will run more frequently.

What should I do if the account holder passed away?

IPL understands that losing a loved one is stressful, so we will work with you to make the process of transferring or stopping service as easy as possible. Once you have identified the person(s) to whom IPL service should be transferred, please have them call our customer services center at 317.261.8222 Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. to transfer service out of the deceased customer’s name.

If you have never had an IPL account, please be prepared to provide information to open a new account. Learn more about starting service with IPL.