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Manage energy and save money

Home Energy Assessment

FREE home energy assessments and the installation of energy-saving equipment are available to our customers to help lower energy bills and improve energy efficiency in homes. 

How it works: A professional energy advisor will come to your home, conduct a walk-through assessment and install several energy-saving items. The energy advisor will discuss findings and recommend additional ways to help you manage your energy and save money.  

How to start: Call us  at 1.866.908.4915 or click below to schedule an appointment now.


Additional information: 
The energy advisor will:

  • Analyze your energy use by assessing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for efficiency;
  • Install LED light bulbs, an LED night light, a smart power strip, pipe wrap insulation and a furnace filter whistle, and provide sink aerators and a low-flow shower head to help you begin saving energy immediately;
  • Recommend appropriate weatherization measures after inspecting your home’s air duct sealing, insulation levels and more; and
  • Provide you with a detailed report about other ways to save energy.

Many times, a home energy assessment reveals that only simple and relatively low-cost improvements are necessary to achieve energy savings. Depending on your home’s specific energy assessment results and the service recommendations completed, you may reduce your energy use the very first month!