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for Homeowners and Renters

Home Rebates

IPL offers a variety of rebates to help you save at home —and improve your home’s eScoreTM. Click a link below to skip to a specific rebate:

Heating and Cooling Rebates

Home energy improvements are a valuable investment. IPL offers rebates on qualifying air conditioner and heat pump upgrades to help offset those costs.

How it works: Complete your energy improvements with a contractor from IPL’s Quality Contractor Network. Following the contractor’s work, schedule a quality inspection, then collect your rebate. Your contractor will submit a rebate application for you and we’ll mail you a rebate check directly to your home.

You will be able to log into your eScore dashboard to see how this work improved your home’s eScore, track the status of your rebate and provide feedback about your contractor.

View the list below to see qualifying equipment and rebate amounts.

Product Efficiency Rating Rebate
Air conditioner SEER = 16 $250
SEER ≥ 17 $300
Heat pump SEER = 16 $250
SEER ≥ 17 $300
Heat pump water heater   $350


How to start: Contact a contractor from IPL's Quality Contractor Network or after completing an eScore Assessment.

Questions? Call us at 1.866.908.4915.

Quality Contractor Network

You don’t want just anyone updating your heating and cooling system or replacing your water heater. That’s why members of our Quality Contractor Network must meet strict standards for quality, safety and customer service. Once your project is complete, an energy advisor will inspect the work to make sure those requirements were reached and that your equipment is running properly. You’ll also get a FREE eScore assessment at that time.

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Small Appliance Rebates

Installing energy-efficient dehumidifiers and air purifiers can save you energy and money on your monthly bill —and may improve your eScore too. Receive rebates on these qualified purchases.

How it works: Receive a rebate on qualified air purifier or dehumidifier purchases.

  • Receive $50 on qualified air purifier purchases
  • Receive $25 on qualified dehumidifier purchases

How to start: View the qualifying equipment list below and submit a rebate application.



Questions? Call us at 1.866.908.4915.


Smart Thermostat Rebates

“Smart” thermostats are Wi-Fi-enabled, meaning you can control your thermostat through a simple online or mobile app. This allows you to manage your home’s temperature from anywhere, inside or outside your home. Smart thermostats work with most heating systems, so all you need to do is purchase and install.

How it works: Receive a $50 rebate on qualified smart thermostat purchases. BONUS – if you connect your smart thermostat to a new or existing CoolCents® account, you can get an additional $50 rebate and receive a $20 credit on your electric bill.

How to start: View the qualifying equipment list below and submit a rebate application.



Questions? Call us at 1.866.908.4915.