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Summer Energy-Saving Tips

This summer IPL offers you options to save energy and money while keeping your family cool.

  • Properly close all doors and windows when air conditioning is on.
  • Open cooling vents or registers and remove anything covering them.
  • Turn up thermostats when away from home or while sleeping.
  • In the daylight, shut the windows and blinds.
  • Avoid using the oven and stove on hot days; use a microwave or grill outdoors.
  • Use the bathroom exhaust fan when showering or bathing to help eliminate humidity problems.
  • Caulk, seal and apply weather stripping around doors, windows and screens.
  • Receive up to $20 a year in credit on your summer electric bill by participating in CoolCents® air conditioning load management program.
  • Turn off unneeded lights and heat-producing appliances.
  • Landscaping can provide shade to your home and significantly reduce your cooling costs.


For more information visit  Home Energy Savings.