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Advanced Metering

What is Advanced Metering?
IPL's Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) communications network allows IPL to utilize AMR and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology together on one network.

IPL has utilized AMR since the late 1990’s. AMR is a one-way, wireless, data transmission system. The AMR meter collects usage information and transmits it via a radio frequency (RF) wireless network to a receiver, usually mounted on a nearby utility pole. The receiver sends the information to a larger base station, which later sends it to IPL to use in billing.

AMI technology allows IPL to go beyond simple meter reads. It allows real-time two-way communication between metering endpoints and the utility. The AMI technology creates an RF mesh network, which provides self-healing redirection of data transmission in the event of network equipment failure. Highly accurate data, improved billing, higher reliability and improved outage management are just a few of the customer benefits of AMI.

Will an IPL representative ever need to read my meter again?
Yes, an IPL representative may periodically visit to audit our meters and equipment, and manually check meter reads for system accuracy.

What are the benefits of automated meter reading? 
Automated meter reading:

  • diminishes IPL's need to enter your property to collect usage information,
  • reduces the need to estimate your electric usage,
  • helps IPL reduce operating costs, which in turn keeps Indianapolis' electric rates among the lowest of investor-owned utilities in Indiana, and
  • allows IPL to develop new innovative services based on the data received that may add to your convenience and enhance energy efficiency. 

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