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Bolty's Kids Korner

 Bolty and Wordmark PNG fileBolty, IPL's mascot, wants to help kids learn to be safe around electricity and use energy wisely. His activity pages make learning about electricity lots of fun.

Click the links below, print out the pages, grab a pencil and see if you know all the answers. Or, click here to color and find safety hazards and energy wasters online.

Teachers, too, can use these activities to teach students about safety and conservation.

Hint: If you don't know all the answers to the crossword puzzle, use the search box at the top to find information on 

Safety and Energy Efficiency


Falcons at IPL

Crossword puzzle   Falcon coloring page
Word search     Falcon word search  
Safety checklist     Visit our falcon cam page in February
and March to see falcons nesting at IPL.
Preschool-kindergarten safety activity page  
Preschool-kindergarten energy use activity page    
3rd-4th grade safety activity page    
3rd-4th grade energy use activity page     
How IPL delivers electricity diagram