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Safety Indoors

Electricity plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use it to prepare our meals, heat and cool our homes, power our household appliances, and the list could go on and on. When using electricity, be careful.

  1. Never pull a plug out by the cord.  
  2. Do not overload outlets with too many plugs because this can cause a fire. 
  3. Don’t use electrical equipment like radios and hair dryers near the bathtub or sink.  
  4. Equip kitchens and bathrooms with ground fault interrupter outlets (outlets with red reset buttons) to protect you from being shocked. 
  5. After washing your hands or bathing, always make sure you are completely dry before touching a switch or plugging anything in.  
  6. Teach children to always keep fingers and other objects away from electrical outlets. 
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For coloring pages and games that help
teach children about electric safety and
conservation, click on Bolty, IPL's mascot.