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Safety Tips

Spring and Summer Safety Tips
Warm weather draws people outside for fun activities like gardening and swimming, or projects like cleaning out the garage or building a deck. Whether you’re chillin' by the pool or working up a sweat, remember to stay safe around electricity.

Winter Safety Tips
When winter's wonder brings a chill to your bones, turn up the heat safely.

Indoor Safety Tips
Help keep you and your family safe from electrical shock by following these simple tips.

Outdoor Safety Tips
Enjoy the great outdoors and be safe from the dangers of electricity with these tips.

Portable Generators
Portable generators can be dangerous, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock or electrocution, and fire. IPL does not recommend the use of portable generators, but if you are going to use one, be sure to follow all safety rules and manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Ice Storms
Restoring power after a winter storm, especially an ice storm, presents particular challenges. Learn how you can prepare for these types of storms and what to expect as we work to restore power.

Vehicles and Utility Poles
All traffic accidents are hazardous, but when an accident involves a utility pole there is an added danger of electrocution from downed power lines touching your vehicle. Know what to do if this happens to you.

Severe Weather
Storms with high winds can cause trees and tree limbs to fall, bringing down energized lines. These fallen lines can still be electrified and very deadly. Be better prepared with these storm safety tips.

Dry Ice
During an extended outage, people may choose to use dry ice for cooling food. However, dry ice can be dangerous. Learn more about how to handle it.

Surge Suppressors
While no surge suppressor is strong enough to withstand a direct lightning strike, suppressors are effective in protecting equipment against most common surges that can occur during storms.  Learn more about selecting and installing surge protectors.