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Spring and Summer
Safety Tips

Whether you’re chillin’ by the pool or working up a sweat on an outdoor project, stay safe around electricity. 

  • Electricity and water do not mix! If its raining or the ground is wet, don’t use electric yard tools. Keep electrical appliances at least 10 feet away from pools, ponds, sprinklers, water toys and wet surfaces. Don’t handle or plug in electrical appliances unless you are completely dry.
  • Never touch any fallen wire. Consider every wire on the ground to be energized and especially dangerous. Call IPL at 317.261.8111 (or toll free: 888.261.8222) or contact local law enforcement.
  • Look up and around – Always be aware of power lines and stay clear of them. When working outside make sure these items or any others do NOT come in contact with power lines or utility poles.
    • Ladders
    • Pool skimmers and pruning poles
    • Construction crane booms
    • Grain augers used in farming operations
    • Flag poles
    • Long-handled tree trimming tools or swimming pool equipment 
  • When installing rooftop equipment like antennas and satellite dishes or doing roof repair work, be careful to avoid power lines.
  • Do not cut or remove a tree that is, or could become, entangled with power lines. Call IPL at 317.261.8111 and wait for a professional tree removal crew to do the job.
  • Call before you dig! Notify IPL and other utilities first if you plan to dig, excavate, bore, tunnel, blast or otherwise disturb the earth where buried utilities are located. The number to call is 8-1-1 or  800.382.5544.
  • Protect outdoor electrical outlets with weatherproof covers and ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). Indoor outlets near water sources should also have GFCIs.
  • Never climb trees, fly kites or model airplanes, or cast fishing lines near power lines. 
  • When designing an outdoor play area, do not install or place playground equipment or swimming pools underneath or near power lines or electrical outlets and cords.
  • Use only extension cords that are UL- rated for outdoor use, and are large enough to handle the current needed for the device. Check cords carefully. Wires should not be exposed, frayed or cracked. Prongs should be clean, and not broken or bent. The ground prong should be intact in a three-prong plug. Avoid the use of adapters for safety reasons.
  • Don't put a tool shed, swimming pool, swings or playground equipment underneath a power line. 
  • Never climb utility poles, towers or substation fences. If you have lost something over a substation fence, call IPL at 317.261-8111 and our representative will retrieve the item.
  • Teach children about electrical safety as early as possible. Do not allow children to play in trees close to power lines, or to swing on guy wires.
  • Do not plant vegetation to grow up or near utility poles or guy wires or throw objects up into power lines. These can cause short circuits that could result in injuries.