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Winter Safety Tips -- Stay Safe and Warm

Electric and Gas Furnaces

When the temperature drops and you turn on your furnace, you may notice a burning smell and even a bit of white smoke. This is due to the burning off of dust that has settled on your furnace during the warm months. This process is not harmful. It may take several uses for the smell and haze to completely burn off.  It is recommended that you have your furnace professionally cleaned and serviced once a year.

To be safe, the first time you turn on the heater for the season, run it on a warm day and with all the windows open. If the smoke turns black and the furnace starts to rumble, leave the building immediately and call 911.

Alternative Heat Sources

Sometimes people use heating sources other than their furnace. Alternative heating sources cause a high percentage of fires. Some safety tips for alternative heating sources are listed below. Two crucial tips are: NEVER try to heat your home with cooking stoves, gas ovens and grills, and NEVER leave an alternative heat source unattended.

For more safety information on alternative sources of heat, visit these links:

If you are considering these alternative sources of heat because paying your utility bills is a hardship in the winter, visit these pages for help.

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