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Momentary Power Interruptions

Momentary interruptions (power off for less than a second) occur when IPL substation circuit breakers detect a disturbance on the line and open the circuit to briefly interrupt the flow of electricity. These interruptions help avoid extended power outages and are a way to protect IPL’s electrical distribution equipment. Removing the power, even for a brief period, allows tree limbs or other items touching the line to break free.

Tips to make these necessary outages interruptions less annoying include:

  • Install “inline” uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) for all sensitive/critical equipment including, but not limited to, computer systems, computer controlled and programmable logic controller (PLC), manufacturing and diagnostic equipment, etc.
  • Frequently save your documents on your computer. Many software packages have an “automatic save” feature. 
  • If outages recur over time, keep records with the exact date and time of the outage. Then call IPL at 317.261.8222 (residential customers) or 317.261.8444 (business customers) so we can investigate the cause of outages. 

For more detailed information about momentary interruptions, as well as voltage surges and electrical noise, click here.