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Outage Information Center

Call the Outage Line: 317.261.8111

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Outage Map

As of July 21, 2018 5:02 pm, there are 78 customers without power.

For the most recent updates, please click the "view full map" link below. The online outage map represents all real-time outage numbers.

Power Outage Safety Tips

Prepare for outages by gathering supplies like a flashlight, a portable radio and extra batteries. Also, gather your storm squad: people who can help if there's an extended outage.
Carefully check the circuit breakers or fuses in your home. If this step fails to restore power, check to see if your neighbors have electricity.
During a widespread outage, continue to call until you reach the voice response system and answer the questions fully. Inform IPL if you have electrical medical equipment and have a back-up plan in case of an extended outage.
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Momentary Power Interruption Tips


Momentary interruptions (power off for less than a second) occur when IPL substation circuit breakers detect a disturbance... MORE

Surge protectors can help to prevent potential damage to appliances and equipment during a momentary outage.
Install “inline” uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) for all sensitive/critical equipment including, but not limited to, computer systems, computer controlled and programmable logic.
If outages recur over time, keep records with the exact date and time of the outage. Then call IPL at 317.261.8222 (residential customers) or 317.261.8444 (business customers) so we can investigate the cause of outages.
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