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Security Light Problem

Report a security light problem in 2 easy steps:

Please provide as much detail as you can in the fields below. All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

Identify type of security light

Please select the type of light by clicking on an image below, or by indicating that you are unable to determine the type of light.
Cobrahead light
Post top luminaire Traditional
Post top luminaire Washington
I can't determine the type of security light.
Please select the type of light that is having a problem.  

Detailed Information

Required fields are marked with an asterisk(*)
Utility Pole# (Located on the pole, 6-8 feet high)

 See General Example

*Describe the location of the light that is out or damaged.
Please provide as much detail as possible so we can locate and repair the light.

Please provide a detailed location description.  
Examples of descriptions that can help us locate the light:
  • street address
  • access issues -- dog in yard, locked gate.  Call before coming.
  • in front of or beside a particular landmark
  • west side of parking lot for (business name)
  • east side of ally between Michigan and 10th streets
*Describe the Problem

Please describe the problem.  
  • Light is Out.
  • Light is Flickering.
  • Light Always On.
*First Name

Please provide your first name.
*Last Name

Please provide your last name.
*Are you the person who rents the light from IPL?

Please choose an option.  
*If you answered yes, please complete the account information fields.
Account Number

Please provide the account number.  
*Service Address

Please provide the service address.  
*Phone Number
() -    
Please provide your phone number.  


Utility Pole Number Example