The greatest potential for saving money comes from reducing home heating and cooling costs. In fact, heating and cooling account for more than half of your energy usage. That leaves a lot of room for saving money, especially if you take advantage of IPL's energy efficient heating and cooling system rebates.

How it Works

  • Contact a member of IPL’s Quality Contractor Network to purchase and install your new system.
  • After the system is installed, sign into your eScore dashboard to schedule a quality inspection with an IPL Energy Advisor, who will also conduct a free eScore Home Energy Assessment.
  • Your contractor will complete your rebate application, and we’ll mail you a check. No paperwork, no hassle!

Who Qualifies?

  • IPL residential customers
  • Customers must work with a member of IPL’s Quality Contractor Network to be eligible for rebates
  • Qualifying air conditioning, heat pump and water heating equipment must meet the efficiency ratings outlined below
Air conditioner
SEER = 16
SEER = 17
Heat pump
SEER = 16
SEER = 17
Heat pump water heater $350


Quality Contractor Network

You don’t want just anyone updating your heating and cooling system or replacing your water heater. That’s why members of our Quality Contractor Network must meet strict standards for quality, safety and customer service.

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