A free eScore™ Home Energy Assessment makes it easy for homeowners to learn how to make their homes as energy-efficient as possible.

Your FREE eScore Home Energy Assessment includes:

  • An assessment of your home’s energy efficiency
  • Your current eScore, ranked from 1-10
  • A custom list of upgrades to help your home become a 10
  • Details on IPL rebates for qualified home improvements
  • A free Nest Thermostat E, LED light bulbs and other instant savers, if eligible

How it works

  • An energy advisor will come to your home, conduct a walk-through assessment and install energy-efficient products to help you start saving immediately.
  • The advisor will also discuss findings, including your home's current eScore, and recommend additional ways to help you save and get your home to a 10.
  • When you are ready to start on these home improvements, you can log into your eScore dashboard to schedule a phase 2 improvement appointment, find a member of our Quality Contractor Network, apply for rebates, and watch your home's eScore rise!

Who Qualifies?

  • IPL residential customers
  • Customers who meet income requirements may qualify for additional weatherization upgrades through our Weatherization Assistance program.
  • To receive a Nest Thermostat E, CoolCents enrollment is required and your home must have electric heat or central cooling, a compatible HVAC system and working Wi-Fi.
  • Renters in apartments and multi-family housing units qualify for energy assessments through our Multi-Family Direct Install program. Please have your property manager schedule an appointment.

How to Start

  • Sign into your IPLpower online account
  • Answer 10 quick questions about your home and get a free energy savings kit
  • Schedule your in-home assessment