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AES Everyday Innovators: Kevin Fisk

Posted on 1/12/2018

 AES Everyday Innovators

Written by: AES Staff

Innovation is happening at AES. Every day, AES people take the initiative to improve the way we work to better serve our customers. Across the company, people are reimagining energy to make it safer, cleaner and to achieve greater levels of impact for society. Our teams are applying leading technologies, like drones and robotics, to create new solutions that address our industry's biggest challenges. The AES Everyday Innovators series explores personal stories of success and career transformation that demonstrate the potential and passion of our people hard at work.

Here at IPL, Kevin Fisk had limited experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to data analytics before joining AES. However, after attending a Google Machine Learning class where he learned about digital vision recognition systems, Kevin is using that knowledge to develop a machine learning vision application that digitally sifts through thousands of photos of wind turbines and transmission towers to find signs of damage. This innovation helps asset management teams find cracks, delamination and abrasions and get them remediated before a failure occurs. Check out our video below: 


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