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Outdoor Lighting:
Safety, Convenience and Valuesaf lite ball

Outdoor lighting represents safety, convenience and value for many homeowners, and can extend the use of outdoor facilities. IPL’s lighting service includes the electrical design, installation of poles and fixtures, and providing electricity and routine maintenance, including lamp replacement. Our lights also include automatic photoelectric controls, which will turn them on and off  at dusk and dawn.  

IPL offers free consultation and estimation services. For further information, call 317.261.8653 or send an e-mail to

Lighting options:

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  cobra light                    

Cobra Head Luminaire
In many cases, the Cobra Head Luminaire fixture can be installed on an existing utility pole. If no utility pole exists near your home, one can be installed by an IPL professional at an additional cost. The Cobra Head Luminaire is available with a variety of arm lengths and pole sizes. The amber high pressure sodium (HPS) fixture comes in 100, 150, 250 and 400 watts.

 2 flood wood 2  

Floodlights provide specific directional lighting on buildings, driveways and parking areas. They are available in 150, 250 and 400 watt high pressure sodium (amber).

 saf lite trad  

Traditional Post Top Luminaire
The Traditional Post Top Luminaire is a unique replica of the old-fashioned lamp post that creates a nostalgic atmosphere.


 saf lite wash     

Washington Post Top Luminaire

The Washington Post Top Luminaire offers a more formal style and elegance, and is available with either a fluted or a smooth column.

Keep the Lights Lit

You can help IPL and keep your neighborhood safer by reporting broken or burned out lamps online or by calling 317.261.8111.  


See specifications regarding attaching banners to IPL streetlight columns.